Membership to the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

As a member of The International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC) you will be recognized and validated as a professional entity in this trade based on your level of education and professional experience. We will list our members based on these educational/professional experience background categories:  Specific training in the area of children’s sleep (with IACSC approval), educational degrees, years in practice (will show proof of date of business launch date).

Membership Requirements:

Since the IACSC’s goal is to recognize and promote the individual member’s educational background and experience, your membership status will be determined based on these specific areas.

IACSC Regular Member Requirements:

  • We invite individuals who’s primary business focus is in Child Sleep Consulting, such as a (Child/infant Sleep Consultant, Child/infant Sleep Coach) and who’s website is specifically geared towards helping families with sleep issues.*
  • We invite individuals with advanced specialized degrees focusing on children’s sleep. Pediatric Pulmonologists would fall into this category

* If you have specialized training/certification in children’s sleep and would like us to post your certification standing on the member page. Please send us a document stating your certification completion date and an affidavit from your instructor stating training hours completed and the instructor’s professional experience as a Child Sleep Consultant.  Please have your instructor sign the document.

IACSC’s Board Members require that specific certification in the area of children’s sleep must include these components to be recognized by the IACSC.

1. The IACSC requires that specialized Child Sleep Consultant Certifications/Training should include a minimum of 50+ hours of training with a qualified instructor.*
2. The certification program MUST be taught/instructed by an experienced Child Sleep Consultant who has been practicing solely as a Child Sleep Consultant for over 10 years.*

* Not including self taught on-line training/certification (no instructors present).

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IACSC Associate Members:

  • This membership category invites individuals who work with families in areas of sleep but is not their “primary” business focus and experience.  Associate members believe in the IACSC’s mission, want to utilize IACSC’s educational programs to further educate themselves in this unique area of practice.  Associate members will use the IACSC’s educational resources to grow their expertise in the area of children’s sleep.  Individual’s who are interested in learning more about children and sleep such as Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists, Lactation Consultants, Social Workers, Psychologists, Family Counselors, MD’s, RN’s for example might have interest in this membership category.

Non-Members who are MD’s are welcomed to receive the IACSC newsletter and/or attend our annual conference.

Membership Fee: $125.00 covers two years of membership

Membership Includes:

Your fee to the IACSC will help pay for our overhead costs to run the association including: marketing fees, educational classes and training programs, legal and general administrative costs.   The IACSC is a not-for-profit organization.  As a member you will be featured on our membership page, offered “member’s only” continued education classes, receive the quarterly newsletter,  receive IACSC’s logo to market your membership to the IACSC, receive general IACSC’s updates and pertinent news and information to keep members current on the latest industry studies and articles.  The IASCS will also hold an annual meeting for it’s members at an additional cost.

Apply Today

Once the IACSC receives and reviews your application we will send notice to you as to the status of your acceptance.  Once accepted we will send you a letter of confirmation and send the appropriate membership invoice fee through Paypal.

Thank you for your support and membership in the IACSC!

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